We’ve been loading up our Spotify with some hot new artists and have become OBSESSED with the latest batch of new girls.

Roc Nation’s hottest roster addition — Rita Ora, the raw lyricism of a former model from Down Under — Iggy Azalea, and Harlem’s “street”heart - Azealia Banks. All three ladies are not only superstars in the making, but each has a style all her own.

Rita Ora’s style is lots of color with an urban twist, all covered with a custom oversized “Rita” jacket. To add a little bit of Rita to your wardrobe, try mixing this Southpole Ruched Halter with the Southpole Pinkstich Skinny Denim and a custom jacket of your own.

Iggy Azalea rocks high fashion looks in a hip-hop style. Sporting crazy furs, sequins and sick eyeliner in almost every snapshot. Try the Southpole Leopard Tank Dress, with some high high-heels for the vixen-chic look.

We love that Azealia Banks keeps it real with “short shorts” and a cute cartoon graphic tee. Create the “212” look with our fresh Color Stripe Halter and a pair of Cropped Denim Pants

We’re always looking for a new song or artist, so if you’ve got anything good, post your link as a comment below or on our Facebook wall!

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